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    I cannot say enough about how brave and persistent you have been towards this issue. I am so proud of you!!!! Having been in the dental field for my whole life and being diagnosed with chronic mercury poisoning myself in2000, I fully understand the challenges of the toxicity and of the controversy that surrounds this issue. It is my hope with your win that more lives will be saved from the ravishes of this toxic nightmare….

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    sorry for you to go through years of suffering. I believe mercury damage brain ganglea and it is very difficult to remove from the brain.
    Mercury detector in environment device is the main device to detect pollution and designate brown fields.

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    Anyway, I am thrilled for Freya. She deserves all she can get. She has been an inspiration for me in working to help educate the public and in trying to ban these horrid fillings.

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    Many people have dreamed of suing their dentists after becoming poisoned, but found it very difficult to do so.

    The only reason Freya got the settlement was not because they used mercury, but used they used mercury incorrectly, not according to the prevailing standard of care. Information on Freya’s case will be appearing in the newest issue of Dental Truth, a publication of DAMS. (Become a member of DAMS to receive a subscription to Dental Truth. 651-644-4572)

    Liquid mercury was used rather than a pre-encapsulated form of dental amalgam and the liquid mercury was inadequately mixed in an antiquated damaged “amalgamator” device that was manufactured in 1941. When Freya went to Dr. Blanche Grube to have her fillings safely removed, Dr. Grube knew there was something wrong with the filling as some of it looked gritty and not properly mixed.

    The dentist had not mixed it long enough or well enough. Since the filling was so close to her nerve mercury went throughout her nervous system causing her to be diagnosed with three neurological diseases.

    People have different reasons for settling out of court, though Freya would have loved to have gone to court. Sometimes one can not trust the legal system to hand down a fair settlement and 2 birds in hand may be better than one that is still flying overhead.

    The jurors may be ignorant of the harm dental amalgam may cause and the judge my be ignorant. You know how many people tell you, “Well, I have these fillings and they haven’t caused me any problems. What’s the deal?”

    And since people’s family dentists says they are just fine and people just love their own dentists (see below) and trust them, and the media has only recently presented any good information (Dr. Oz’s Show, and 60 Minutes expose’ in 1990), you may be taking your chances if you go to court.

    People Just Love Their Dentists!

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    Oksana M

    Oh Freya, thank Heaven!
    Your courage, bravery and determination has made all the difference. Further, you have both inspired and led large segments of the public and the health professions in the struggle to have mercury amalgam declared a danger to public health.
    Love… Oksana

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    Congradulations Freya I’ve been a Dental Assistant for 35 years and15 years or more I was ringing amalgam which means free mercury its crazy to think of this and this was the days of know masks or gloves???I’m sure I should check for health problems I could have because of it!! Laurie

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    Freya I am so elated to hear about you victory. I also was mercury poisoned and misdiagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis. After my dental amalgam “mercury” fillings were removed (16) I have never had another MS symptom since 1989…however this has left me in a wheelchair. I still pray that some day I will walk again.

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    Thank you for persisting and caring about the public as well as yourself! I hope we will see some big changes soon. I think if the public were fully informed, it would be relatively easy. There’s too much money being spent to hide the truth.

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