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    I suppose I acted out of frustration and confusion. To me not know that the silver filling were made of mercury is evidence enough to know there is a guilty party. But what really nails it down was that OSHA had the dentists put the used amalgams in a hazardous waste bin and still no one questioned the authority on the safety of this widely used dental material. I wanted to give so much more of myself in life and wish this wasn’t what was slowing me down. I knew all along that I was trying so hard with little success. Further I saw my brother twitch and tremble and I sat next to him and twitched and trembled in the same exact locations. As it turned out we both had the same amount of amalgams. He died of Lou Gehrig’s disease and I know it was the silver fillings. I know because I sensed something was wrong while brushing his teeth with one of those vibrating toothbrushes. He was my closest brother and a very funny man and a gifted artists and all the kids in the neighborhood liked him. How could they let a guy like that just die. I believe that they knew what was his problem but they had a gag order to eliminate mass panic and a gigantic class action lawsuit. It should be labeled a crime against humanity because it was.

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